Social Committee meeting held Feb. 23, 2005 (7-8 pm) at Unit #1407.


Present were Mel Thillens, Ann Regan and Susan Suntay.

Excused : Delma Bartelme

Absent: Jill Graber, Silvia Carrier, Lernie Jones, Anne Botts and Erin Van Arkel

Minutes of the Meeting:

Susan opened the meeting at 7:05 pm and proceeded with an informal and open discussion type meeting.


"First MPL Residents Get-Together"
Friday, March 18, 2005 at the MPL Lobby



All residents will be requested to bring something according to surnames as follows:




A-J : Snacks/Fingerfoods
K-P : Desserts
Q-Z : Drinks







MPL - Ice & Paper Products (Susan will take care of this)




Name tags - Mel will donate / Delma will take care of
registration table.




Signage/Announcements - Ann Botts  will make signs for postings.




Music - Lernie Jones


MPL Dine-Outs (every first Thursday of each month except July and August)

Contact Person : Mel Thillens



2nd Dine-Out : Thursday, April 7/05 (7 pm) at Grace O'Malleys.

Mel will get details and print announcements for this event.

Delma Bartelme (initially would like to form a "Seniors/Over 50's" Dine-Outs
but will now join up with the Thursday Dine-Outs) will convince some friends
to join the April 7 Dine-Out.


New Chairman of the Social Committee: Jill Graber
(Susan previously spoke to Jill about the chairmanship of this committee and Jill agreed.

Also, I'd like to thank Jill for taking care of the housekeeping Christmas money collection).

Susan encouraged all the members of the Social Committee to be active in verbal communications and invitations of residents they encounter daily about
the Get-Together, Signing up in MPL Committees and tuning into our website.

Susan - closed the meeting at 8 pm.

Museum Park Lofts I Condominium Association

Social Committee