Museum Park Lofts 1 Town Hall Agenda
Wednesday, January 19th 7:00 p.m.
Museum Park Club House

I.      Call to Order
       A.     Purpose
               1.     Board to communicate information to owners
               2.     Owners to voice concerns to Board
       B.     Board Actions
               1.     Committees
                       a.)    Finance – Guy Kershner
                       b.)    Communications – Kathy Ingrim
                       c.)    Safety and Security – Adam Kelly
                       d.)    Selection – Brent Botts
                       e.)    Social – Susan Suntay
               2.     Selection of attorney
                       a.)    John Bickley, Kovitz, Shifrin & Nesbit
               3.     Service contract
               4.     Preliminary Negotiation with Developer
               5.     Head Janitor Hiring
                       a.)    Milton
               6.     Accountant

II.     Budget
       A.     Assessments
               1.     Importance of collection of assessments
               2.     Considered protocol for assessment collections
               3.     Potential assessment increase
       B.     Fees (i.e. moving; unit lock-out; etc.)
       C.     Possible Townhome/Loft II Affiliation
       D.     Operation expenses for building maintenance

III.     Exterior of Building
       A.     Landscaping
       B.     Window washing
       C.     Snow removal service contract

IV.    Interior of Building
       A.     Lobby
               1.    Doors
               2.    Future upgrades
       B.     Hallways
               1.    Painting
               2.    Carpeting
               3.    Lighting
       C.     Work-out room
               1.    Condition of equipment
               2.    Maintenance of equipment
       D.     Garage
               1.    Maintenance of garage
               2.    Cleaning
               3.    Lighting
               4.    Entrance/exit
               5.    Parking stickers
               6.    Towing

V.     Communication
       A.     Website
               2.    Purpose
       B.     Newsletter
               1.    Quarterly: posted on website
               2.    Purpose
       C.    Central site for posting
               1.    Website
               2.    Elevator board
               3.    Lobby Board

VI.    Contacts
       A.     Daily issues
               1.    La Thomas Properties
       B.     Punch list/developer issues
               1.    Kenny Construction Company

VII.        Board Meetings

       A.     Third Wednesday of each month
               1.    7:30 p.m.
               2.    Museum Park Club house
       B.     Owner Attendance
               1.     Open to all Owners, Residents and Renters
                       a.  Encouraged
                       b.  Duty to be informed
               2.     Exceptions
                       a.  Litigation
                       b.  Hiring/Firing Employees
       C.    Fines/Penalties


Museum Park Lofts I Condominium Association

Town Hall Agenda