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Past Board Meetings


The annual meeting was called to order by Harry O'Halloran, Board President at 6:33 PM. Board Members in attendance:

Harry O'Halloran, Board President
Jim Skakolski, Vice President
Jerry Massa, Treasurer
Kristin Zandstra, Secretary
Katie O'Neill, Director

Also in attendance was Cherie Schmidt, Property Manager and Bill O'Leary, Property Supervisor from DK Condo.

Quorum was certified at 33.9976% of owners present or voting by proxy.

A motion was made by Harry O'Halloran, to approve annual meeting minutes dated December 3, 2014. The motion was seconded by Katie O'Neill and unanimously approved.

The following candidates were introduced running for the three open Board positions:

Jerry Massa
Katie O'Neil
Jim Skakolski

Nominations were requested from the floor and there were none.
The Nominations were closed.

Voting took place.
Voting Closed.

With three candidates running for three open positions a motion was made by Harry O'Halloran to vote by acclamation. This was seconded by Kristin Zandstra and unanimously approved.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:35 PM.


Museum Park Lofts I Condominium Association

Annual Board Meeting Minutes 12/3/2015