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Past Board Meetings


Present:  Laura Alexander, Kaveh Bakhtiari, Lindsie Miller, Russ Petro, Dean Valentine, Rich Zielinski

I.                    Call to Order – Russ called the meeting to order at 7:34 pm

II.                  Approve Meeting Minutes from October, 2008

A.      Lindsie moves to approve minutes, Dean seconds- passes 4-0.

III.                President’s Report

A.  2008 Audit/taxes- this is a work in progress.  There is an appointment set for 2.19 with Nyborg & company to review findings

B.  2009 Association Insurance- this is also a work in progress as we have received 2 proposals: Rockwood & Meisirow.  Board to review proposals and vote on recommendation via email

C.  Enterprise lawsuit update: The Association is still in negotiations with Enterprise as to the open items of the lawsuit (rust on balconies issue, air balancing and garage cracks).  A meeting date with Enterprise for March is to be set to discuss next steps.

D.  Critical Façade Inspection: The inspection was completed in October by Construction Resources

E.  Reserve Study: The study was completed in February 2009 by Kellermeyer

F.  Refuge Rebate from the City of Chicago: Russ moves to accept the rebate, Kaveh seconds- passes 4-0

IV.  Treasurer’s Report

A.      Park National Bank: The Board has established a Board controlled bank account at Park National Bank that is FDIC insured and requires signatures from two (2) Board members for any checks to be written

IV.                Management Report

A.      Extermination Program: Every month an exterminator will visit the building to spray proactively in common areas 

B.      2009 Treatment for Elevators and Lobby: Every quarter maintenance will occur on the elevators and lobby floor, will begin in March

                                                               i.      Carpets on all residential levels will be steam cleaned

                                                             ii.      Stainless steel in elevators will also be treated/polished

C.      Memory has been added to the security camera DVR  to record and retain a month of footage

D.      Homeowners Insurance Policy: Please drop off a copy of your Homeowners Insurance policy to Laura in the office as soon as your policy is renewed so it can be kept on file.

E.      Stainless strips by the package room and bike room will be treated and G level floors were waxed this week

F.      Please use comment box in the lobby if you have any feedback for Management

V.                  New Business

A.      Open Forum

                                                               i.      Rick Ortega asks that the formica in the elevator be maintained and also mentioned that we might want to look into upgrading the lens on the security camera so we can identify individuals easier if necessary

                                                             ii.      Please remind residents to place recycling in the red bins only

                                                            iii.      Please remind residents to not allow their pets to go to the bathroom under the building in the foliage

B.      April 15th is the next meeting

VI.                Adjourn – Russ adjourns the meeting at 8:02 pm.

Museum Park Lofts I Condominium Association

Board Meeting Minutes – 2/11/2009