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Past Board Meetings


Lynda Massa, Vice President
Russ Petro, President
Dean Valentine

Lisa Cardonna
Kaveh Bakhtiari, Treasurer

Chuck Patterson, Property Manager
Richard Zielinski, Property Supervisor


The March 17th BOARD OF DIRECTORS (henceforth referred to as “the Board”) meeting of the 2010 session of the MUSEUM PARK LOFTS CONDOMINIUM ASSOCIATION 125 EAST 13TH STREET (henceforth referred to as “the Lofts Association”) began at 7:30 P.M. The Board PRESIDENT of the Lofts Association (henceforth referred to as “President”), Russ Petro, asked BOARD OF DIRECTOR MEMBERS (henceforth referred to as “Directors”) to take their seats, and the meeting was called to order.  President Petro asked management to get extra copies of the agenda for 125 EAST 13TH STREET CONDOMINIUM OWNERS AND INVESTORS (henceforth referred to as “Unit Owners”).


President Petro moved that the minutes for the January 13th, 200 meeting be approved.  Vice President Lynda Massa seconded.  The motion was approved without dissent.

old business

The Board reminded unit owners that they are working on restrictions to the standard lease contract.  President Petro noted that there is a moratorium in place till July, 2010 as Unit Owners debate approval of new by-laws on leasing contracts and renters.

new business

President Petro announced that the Board has voted to change rules for Unit Owners and Renters: 

-          Henceforth, the minimum lease will be one year—not thirty days.

-          Also, all new renters must submit to a background check upon registration for a new lease. The fee for the procedure will be decided later. 

-          Owners and their pets must enter and exit the building by the side door that leads to the west side of the property.

-          Pet fees and registration is now $50 per pet. 

-          And going forward, Unit Owners are limited to two pets per unit.  If Unit Owners currently have more, then those pets are grandfathered in.

The President asked for a motion to ratify the Draper and Kramer Management contract.  Dir. Lynda Massa seconded.  The motion was approved without dissent.

The President asked for a motion to ratify the Mesirow Insurance contract.  Dir. Dean Valentine seconded. The motion was approved without dissent.


The President ceded the floor to VP Lynda Massa for a report from the landscaping committee.  Massa started her report by remarking that every unit should have gotten a letter on the special assessment.  The first charge will be part of the April condo bill.  There will be four billing cycles to the special assessment, with the last billing occurring in the July statement.

The landscaping committee has solicited three bids for the proposed metal fence, and is waiting for replies.  Mid June is the goal for the project to be finished.


President Petro ceded the floor to  Chuck Patterson, the Property Manager for the Management Report.  Mr. Patterson began by covering two problem furnaces that had become issues within the last few weeks.  Management called in HILL MECHANICAL to see if there was a problem with the 125 EAST 13th STREET’S (henceforth referred to as The Building’s) heating system.  In both occasions the technicians determined that the airflow to the units was blocked resulting in the problem.

The Building has received several complaints from neighbors who have been pelted with discarded cigarette butts. Mr. Patterson reminded Unit Owners not to discard cigarette butts from the balcony.

To improve communications with renters and unit owners, the management office has added a fax line, and a pager system. The pager system will be available during regular business hours—not for after hours service. Magnets have been sent out to all units with fax, pager and emergency numbers listed.

Floor mats have been placed in the lobby.  Also, in reference to the lobby, the bulletin board has been replaced.


For a complete Financial report, UNIT OWNERS may contact the management office..

Director Dean Valentine moved to adjourn the Meeting.  President Petro seconded.  The Meeting was adjourned at 7:41 PM.

Museum Park Lofts I Condominium Association

Board Meeting Minutes – 3/17/2010