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Past Board Meetings


Present: Laura Alexander, Russ Petro., Dean Valentine, Rich Zielinski, Kaveh Bahkateki

I.                    Call to Order -  Russ called meeting to order at 7:35 pm

II.                  Approval of April Meeting Minutes

III.                President’s Report

A.            2008 Audit

1)            Motion to approve and accept the 2008 audit, carried

B.     Rental Occupancy discussion

1)            Board members will work together in order to obtain more votes regarding the Leasing restriction.  Board members will knock on doors of those who have not voted concerning this matter.

1.            Kaveh mentioned building is high in demand & very sought out because of low condo fees.

2.            Lynda brought up that it is harder to secure a loan with high rental percentages.  We are currently 22% rental in building

C.           Enterprise Lawsuit Update

1)            Our engineers agree that the balconies can be fixed and think the balconies were poorly designed.  Year’s back, when problem first arose only 15 or 16 units replied to Enterprise call for a list of rusting balconies; as a result these are the only balconies Enterprise want to fix.

1.            The Board would like to move forward with staying out of court & settling the lawsuit as quickly as possible.

IV.                Treasurer’s Report

V.                  Management Report

A.            New sod signs are now in place

1)            Remind homeowners/guests no dogs are allowed on front of property

B.           Terrazzo floors are now being professionally cleaned & buffed quarterly

C.           Remind homeowners not to place mats, shoes, etc in front of unit doors.  This is a City of Chicago fire code violation.

D.           Please remember to submit copies of new lease agreement and homeowners’ insurance policy as soon as possible.

E.           Reminder to homeowners, move-in and move-out fees must be in the form of certified funds.


1.            Hole on level G2 has been repaired

2.            Lock on level G4 has been repaired

VI.                New Business

A.            Vote in August about dog fees & if dogs should be allowed to re-enter & exit building through side door leading into alley

B.           Tax Appeal – For entire building not individually pay out of operating budget.

C.           Discussed looking into flowers for lobby.

D.           Next meeting: October 28, 2009


E.           Adjourn at 8:25 pm

Submitted by: Lynda Massa
                        Member at large

Museum Park Lofts I Condominium Association

Board Meeting Minutes – 6/15/2009