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Past Board Meetings


Kaveh Bakhtiari, Treasurer
Lisa Cardonna
Lynda Massa, Vice President
Russ Petro, President
Dean Valentine


Chuck Patterson, Property Manager
Richard Zielinski, Property Supervisor





The July 21st BOARD OF DIRECTORS (henceforth referred to as “the Board”) meeting of the 2010 session of the MUSEUM PARK LOFTS CONDOMINIUM ASSOCIATION 125 EAST 13TH STREET (henceforth referred to as “the Lofts Association”) began at

7:35 P.M. The Board PRESIDENT of the Lofts Association (henceforth referred to as “President”), Russ Petro asked 125 EAST 13th STREET CONDOMINIUM OWNERS AND INVESTORS (henceforth referred to as “Unit Owners”) to hold their questions till the end of the meeting. Unit Owner 1206 objected, noting that this was also a SPECIAL MEETING OF UNIT OWNERS TO CHANGE MUSEUM PARK LOFTS CONDOMINIUM ASSOCIATION 125 EAST BY-LAWS (henceforth referred to as “Special Meeting”), and they needed to know if quorum was met. President Petro assured them that it was.


President Petro asked the Board to take up the matter of the Meeting Review that had been posted on the Association’s Website.

President Petro moved that the Review of the May 26th, 2010 125 East Board Meeting be approved. Director Dean Valentine seconded. The motion was approved without dissent.


President Petro, requested that the motion for a new attorney be considered.

President Petro proposed that the Board approve Esq. Babak Bakhtiari of the law firm Konstantine Sparagis, P.C. as the new Attorney for the Association. Director Lynda Massa seconded. The motion passed without dissent.

President Petro then addressed the Special Meeting. He listed the by-laws that were being considered for change, including the restrictions on the number of leased units, and the requirement that all leasees be subject to a background check. To make these changes, 67% of the OWNERSHIP STAKE IN 125 EAST PROPERTIES (henceforth referred to as “Ownership”) had to vote in the affirmative. Mr. Petro also pointed out that Richard Zielinski, Property Supervisor would be tallying the vote as the regular Board meeting progressed.

Unit Owner 1206 asked how the voting would be conducted. President Petro stated that most of the voting was done by proxy, but any Unit Owner could fill out a ballot. President Petro then asked Mr. Zielinski to pass out ballots to the attendees. The President then asked all attendees who had not voted to fill out their ballots, and return them to Mr. Zielinski.

As the balloting was continuing, President Petro ceded the floor to Vice President Lynda Massa for the Landscaping Committee report. V.P. Massa reported that the fence was in the process of being built. Before the meeting, the construction company had e-mailed asking if it were possible to install the fence possibly the end of the week. The committee is still waiting for the approval from the city for some of the construction, and to keep the project in budget, the committee will not commence without it.

V.P. Massa also addressed some Unit Owners concern that planting would not be able to take place until September. In her research, she had found that Spring and early Fall were the only times to plant within the city. The Summer weather in the Chicagoland area is too hot for planting.

President Petro re-took the floor, and announced that the Board was forming a Balcony Committee. He is asking all interested Unit Owners to please volunteer. The Board has a possible fix for the balcony problem based on plans completed in two units. These are not permanent fixes, however, and hopefully the Committee can come up with a better solution. The Committee would be charged with planning and managing the replacement; going over designs for the project; interviewing vendors and recommending contracts; and supervising the finances for the project. There is $92,000 allocated for the project.


President Petro ceded the floor to Chuck Patterson for the Lofts Association management report.

Mr. Patterson reported that since the last meeting, management obtained NICI Carpet Cleaning to do the building’s lobbies on June 2nd.

125 East’s Management sent out notices to owners to update proof of Homeowner’s Insurance. 87 Unit Owners do not have current proof of Insurance on file with the building’s management.

Hill Mechanical came out June 24th to perform maintenance on the common area cooling system. The technician found that everything was fine. Management also wants Unit Owners to note that the common areas have “tempered” air—which is not the same as the “comfort cooled” air used in the units. If there are other questions on this, Hill Mechanical has volunteered to send out a representative to a future meeting to answer Unit Owner questions.

Management wants to remind Unit Owners that deliveries or pick-ups of large items have to be scheduled in advance, and brought in through the building’s loading docks. Advance notice is needed for maintenance to clear the docks, and pad down the elevators to prevent damage—which would happen if large parcels were brought in through the front of the building, or shipped up in unprotected elevators. Recently, the Board has had to fine Unit Owners for unscheduled deliveries.


President Petro asked Mr. Zielinski to report on the Unit Owners’ By-Laws vote. 65.5% of the Ownership voted to change the By-Laws. “The Leasing Amendment vote was discussed and tabulated, there was not sufficient vote to carry the resolution, and the Board extended the period of time that Proxies will be received for another thirty days.”

President Petro put before the Board that the Leasing Amendment be extended to August 21st, 2010. Dean Valentine seconded. The motion passed without dissent.

Director Valentine moved to adjourn the meeting. Dir. Massa seconded. The Board Meeting was adjourned at 7:53 P.M.

Museum Park Lofts I Condominium Association

Board Meeting Minutes – 7/21/2010