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Past Board Meetings


Kaveh Bakhtiari, Treasurer
Lynda Massa, Vice President
Russ Petro, President
Dean Valentine

Lisa Cardonna

Chuck Patterson, Property Manager
Richard Zielinski, Property Supervisor


The August 25th BOARD OF DIRECTORS (henceforth referred to as “the Board”) meeting of the 2010 session of the MUSEUM PARK LOFTS CONDOMINIUM ASSOCIATION 125 EAST 13TH STREET (henceforth referred to as “the Lofts Association”) began at 7:40 P.M. After a short delay due to computer problems, the Board PRESIDENT of the Lofts Association (henceforth referred to as “President”), Russ Petro, asked BOARD OF DIRECTOR MEMBERS (henceforth referred to as “Directors”) to refer to the agenda, and asked that it be amended.

appointment of board office

President Petro noted that the Board needs a Secretary for Parliamentary Procedures.

President Petro moved that Director Dean Valentine be appointed Secretary of the Board. Director Lynda Massa seconded. The motion was approved without dissent.


President Petro moved that the minutes for the July 21st, 2010 meeting be approved. Director Dean Valentine seconded. The motion passed without dissent.

new business

President Petro, announced that the leasing amendment passed. 101 units of the building’s 149 units voted in favor of the amendment. It broke down to over 69% of the buildings owners voted in favor of the measure. 67% of the building owners were needed for passage. 29 units voted against the measure, and 12 didn’t vote.

President Petro ceded the floor to Vice President Massa for a report on the Landscaping Committee. V.P Massa said that after delays due to getting city permits, work has restarted. Forestry has been planted. The fence posts were installed. And by the start of September, the fence panels should be ready to be placed.

President Petro had an update on the Balcony Committee. A charter for the group had been written. Seven people have volunteered to join, but more are needed. Director Kaveh Bakhtiari noted that the committee structure allows for unit owners to have a say in something they are passionate about.

There is a new web message board for only residents and unit owners.

Director Bakhtiari reported that in Executive Committee, fines were approved for unit owners who violated the association’s rules regarding pets. Another fine was approved for a resident leasing a parking space to someone outside of the building.

President Petro moved that the Executive Committee report be approved. Director Massa seconded. The motion was approved without dissent.


President Petro ceded the floor to Chuck Patterson for the Lofts Association management report.

August 20th Flood – The staff was alerted to a flood originating from unit 705. Damage was caused to units 605 and 505.

DK CONDO Management Meeting – Mr. Patterson attended a management meeting on August 17th, 2010. Topics included Capital Projects, bedbugs, electric cars and landscaping.

Budget – Mr. Patterson and the Building Supervisor are working on the 2011 Lofts Association budget.

Security – All garage remotes were changed after one was stolen. New signage has been installed in the garage to remind residents to stop after entry, and wait for the door to close. As a reminder, Mr. Patterson warned residents to not let any unknown person into the building.

Perishable Deliveries – Mr. Patterson announced that the staff is not responsible for perishable items such as meat, flowers, ice cream or fruit. He has asked UPS and other parcel companies to be more observant when delivering those items.


President Petro ceded the floor to Director Kaveh Bakhtiari, Board Treasurer, for the Financial Report. For a complete financial report, UNIT OWNERS may contact the management office.

President Petro moved that the meeting be adjourned at 7:55. Director Bakhtiari seconded. The motion was approved without dissent.

Museum Park Lofts I Condominium Association

Board Meeting Minutes – 8/25/2010