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Past Board Meetings


Present:  Laura Alexander, Kaveh Bakhtiari, Lindsie Miller, Russ Petro & Dean Valentine, Rich Zielinski


I.                    Call to Order – Russ called the meeting to order at 7:30 pm, Dean seconds


II.                  President’s Report

A.      Rental Occupancy Update: Proxy vote has expired, 8.15.09 was the deadline, not enough people voted to pass or defeat the change

                                                               i.      64 Yes, 33 No, 52 No Vote

                                                             ii.      Board to explore the idea to pass a rule to limit rentals to 20%, rule can be overturned by 20% of the ownership of the building and a new Board can change the rule. Rule will be discussed at the October meeting.

1.      18 rental units 18 months ago, now there are 37.

B.     Enterprise Lawsuit Update

                                                               i.      Settlement on the table from Enterprise, Board accepts offer

                                                             ii.      Board to accept settlement monies to be put towards fixing the balconies in a separate account

C.     Critical Façade Inspection

                                                               i.      Russ moves to select Kellermeyer, Kaveh seconds the motion

III.                Treasurer’s Report

A.      Operating funds = $110,900

B.     Reported Reserves = $170,700

IV.                Landscape Committee

A.      Presentation from Daniel Weisbach & Partners was well received by the committee.  On 9/28 plans will be presented, sketches to be prepared.  Will pay an hourly rate for this work.  Total project is projected to cost an estimated $80,000-$90,000. 

V.                  Management Report

A.      Terrazzo Floor preventative maintenance done in June, next installment in September

B.     Garage levels G2 and G4 were painted

VI.                New Business

A.      Proposal to repair/replace granite shelf under mailboxes

B.     Mandatory unit insurance coverage- must be submitted to the office

C.     Parking garage door quotes being gathered to replace door

VII.              Next Meeting     

A.      10.28 Annual Meeting

VIII.            Board meeting adjourned at 7:55 pm 

Museum Park Lofts I Condominium Association

Board Meeting Minutes – 9/16/2009