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Past Board Meetings

  Present:  Laura Alexander, Kaveh Bakhtiari, Lou Berthiaume, Lindsie Miller, Rick Ortega

I.                    Call to Order Lou called the meeting to order at 7:17 pm


II.                  Approve hiring of law firm KSM to file suit against Enterprise

A.      Need to file before 4 year deadline or we will not be able to take action against Enterprise

B.     Estimate of $3,500 to file the suit, additional expenses for further legal action

C.     Lou motions and Rick seconds, passes 4-0


III.                Reserve Study

A.      Study must be completed to get a clean audit as well as for the suit

                                                               i.      Lou moves to bid the reserve study, Lindsie seconds, passes 4-0

IV.                Unit 1212 Construction Request

A.      Lou moves to accept the construction request, Kaveh seconds, passes 4-0

V.                  Budget

A.       November 19th will be the annual budget meeting

B.     Lou moves to distribute the budget, Lindsie seconds, passes 4-0

VI.                Board meeting adjourned at 7:22pm

Museum Park Lofts I Condominium Association
Annual Board Meeting Minutes 10/15/2008