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Rules, Regulations and Other Documents

  The Museum Park Lofts Welcome Package

  The Museum Park Lofts 1 Rules and Regulations

  The Museum Park Lofts 1 Condominium Association By-Laws

  Declarations of the Museum Park Loft 1 Condominium

  Assessment Payments (see page 2 of Welcome Package)

  Direct Debit Form

  Leasing Amendment Recorded with Cook County on 10/29/2010

Acrobat  Procuring a Certificate of Insurance (COI).

    Alderman Contact Information

    Entry Authorization

    Pet Registration Form

    Pet Rules and Regulations

    Bicycle Information Form – Please fill out when requesting an additional space

    Moving Form

    Elevator Reservation Form

    Condominium Sales/Lease Procedures

    Owner(s)/Tenant(s) Information

    Notice of Intent to Sell/Purchase or Lease

    Hearing Request Form

    Complaint-Witness Form


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Museum Park Lofts I Condominium Association

Important Documents