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  The following questions have been raised by owners or tenants.

My mortgage company asked to provide a copy of the declaration page that summarizes coverage of the master policy of Homeowner's Association. How can I get the copy?

The Certificate of Insurance (COI) is available on the Mesirow Financial website.
This PDF file explains how to procure one.


What kind of plastics can we recycle here in the building?

Any plastic with the #1 or #2 stamped on the bottom of the container may be recycled. These include the following containers: milk, water, and juice jugs, as well as, laundry, peanut butter and margarine containers.


Where do I send my assessment payments?

Make assessment payments to:
Museum Park Lofts Condominium Association
c/o Associa Chicagoland,
PO Box 65345,
Phoenix, AZ 85082


I recently purchased a unit in the building. What should I do before I move in?

I recently sold my unit. What should I do before I move out?

I thinking of leasing my Unit. What requirement does the Association have?

Please read the documents about buying and selling as well as move in/move out on the Documents page. Fill out the appropriate forms and contact Museum Park Loft Management Office at (312) 235-0486 about your move in or move out date and to reserve an elevator and the loading dock.


Are there any parking space for guests on the street nearby?

There is metered parking on Michigan and Wabash Street. The best parking alternative for guests is the Residential Parking Program run by the City of Chicago. This program restricts parking in certain areas of the city to local residents and their guests. Our building is zoned for area 394. This area covers street parking on Indiana Street and the surrounding side streets including the north side of 13th Street in front of or building. Resident and guest parking passes can be purchased at City Hall.


How do I pay my assessments electronically?

Please call the Management Office at Museum Park Lofts at 312-235-0486. You can either stop by the Management Office and pick up the Automatic Payment Authorization Agreement or download the Agreement and send it to the address below with a voided check.

Museum Park Lofts Condominium Association
Management Office
125 E. 13th Street
Chicago, Illinois 60605


How does a unit owner report a problem with the building?

Owners should call Museum Park Loft Management Office at (312) 235-0486 and speak with the building manager.

Office hours: Monday to Friday from 9am 5pm.

f any issue should arise outside of normal business hours, please leave a message on the Management Office phone, and the manager will respond the next business day.


Museum Park Lofts I Condominium Association

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